What Is The Best Battery Powered Lawn Edger With Blade?

Best Battery Powered Lawn Edger With Blade

A cordless or a battery powered lawn edger with blade is one of the most essential garden tools you should have. Like other types of lawn edgers, cordless edgers work by creating a well-defined line across your lawn, keeping overgrown grass from getting into your walkway or driveway.

Unlike manual lawn edgers, battery powered edgers operate faster and require lesser effort. Cordless edgers are also more convenient than corded edgers. These edgers, when featured with blades, are able to cut through grass patches.

When choosing a cordless unit, it is best to select one that works with a Lithium Ion battery. This enables the edger to operate longer especially if you have a huge lawn. Lithium ion batteries charge faster than other battery types.

As a rule, a lawn edger should be durable, easy to use, and equipped with powerful specifications. Continue reading this review and discover the best battery powered lawn edger with blade for your landscaping needs.

Scotts S20310 20V SYNC Lithium-Ion Cordless Edger

Extendable Shaft

This cordless edger features an extendable shaft which you can adjust depending on your height. Good to use even for older people, this edger prevents back strain when used for hours.

9-Inch Serrated Blade and 4-Position Depth Control

Its 9-inch serrated blade cuts through soil and grass better than a blade with a plain edge. Although serrations do not make sharper blades, they can tear through surfaces faster. You’ll be able to edge your drive way without taking so much time.

This edger’s 4-position adjustable depth control enables you to go as deep into the soil as possible to create more precise edges.

Rapid Charging, Wall-Mounting Charger

The Scotts battery powered lawn edger comes with a traditonal charger that’s able to fully charge batteries in 45 minutes. This brief charging time helps you maximize your landscaping in a single day.

For a more organized workspace, the charger can be mounted onto a wall for easy and convenient access. You won’t be worrying about misplacing the charger even when you’re in a hurry.

20V 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium ion batteries typically charge faster than other battery types. 100% functional after a 45-minute charging time, there’s no reason for you to worry about losing power – especially if you have a spare battery with you.

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VonHaus 10-Inch Cordless Grass Trimmer and Edger – 20V Max. Li-Ion Battery

This cordless gardening tool is a combination of a grass trimmer and an edger. But for lawn edging purposes, let us focus on what its edger offers.

1.5 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

A huge advantage of this edger is its impressively long battery life. As previously mentioned, Li-Ion batteries last longer. Because this type of rechargeable battery has more energy density, it stores more power.

This battery-operated edger allows for fast charging time – in approximately one hour.

Nylon Blade Cutting System

The VonHaus edger comes with a durable nylon blade cutting system that allows you to enage in light to moderate lawn edging. When doing heavy lawn edging, the nylon blade may have then tendency to wear off easily so it’s better to secure spare blades with you.

Safety Guard

This tool has a safety guard that protects nearby flowers from debris while you’re edging your lawn.

Minimal Noise and Vibration

Best for residential properties, this battery-operated edger operates while keeping noise to a minimum level. Now, you can enjoy the benefit of keeping your lawn healthy without disturbing the neighborhood.

Adjustable Height

By using its telescopic handle, you can adjust its height between 34 to 45 inches to suit your preference.

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Ryobi RY40030A Connexion 40-Volt and 24-Volt Cordless Edger Attachment – 4 Positions

Ideal to use with a 24-volt and a 40-volt battery-operated Ryobi product, this Cordless Edger Attachment ensures maximum comfort and ease while tidying up your lawn. This tool can be used in medium-sized lawns. Rugged and light, this Edger Attachment is backed with a 3-year warranty.

9-Inch Serrated Blade and 4-Position Depth Control

The Ryobi’s 9-inch serrated blade penetrates grass and soil easier than a typical non-serrated blade. In general, serrated blades don’t wear out easily. Combined with its 4-position depth control feature, you’ll be able to adjust the depth of the edger for added precision.

Large Guide Wheel

The large guide wheel enables you to smoothly move across your lawn with minimal friction.

Blade Guard

The blade guard that comes with this Ryobi Edger Attachment offers two benefits. First, it protects the blade from easy wear and tear. Second, it keeps debris contained so you won’t deal with cleaning lots of scattering debris.

Easily Attaches To The Ryobi Power Head Attachment Handle

When attached to its power handle, you can make handle adjustments for comfort.

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Selecting the best battery powered lawn edger with blade doesn’t have to be difficult. You simply have to choose one that is able to cover a large area. Since cordless lawn edgers do not require manual operation, they tidy up the edges of your lawn faster and more efficiently than manual edgers. You just have to charge a cordless edger constantly especially when you use it on a regular basis. A spare battery can come in handy.

These edgers have adjustable shafts and handles that ensure proper body mechanics. Make sure to purchase cordless edgers that run on Lithium Ion batteries and also those that feature durable blades.

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