Kneeling Bench For Gardening – 5 Of The Best Kneeler Reviews

Choosing the Best Kneeling Bench for Gardening

kneeling bench for gardening

Standing for long periods of time in any gardening session can cause every gardener’s muscles to ache. Gardening, like any outdoor activity, should be a truly fun and relaxing experience. I believe that enjoying a day of planting and taking care of the loveliest flowers cannot happen if you feel pain and discomfort.

Older people love gardening and so do people who are undergoing treatment rehabilitation from stroke and other health conditions. Unlike garden scooters, kneeling benches for gardening can enable users to sit and kneel at the same time whenever they want too. The comfortable cushion on these benches are really good to the knees. These gardening essentials are among my favorites.

Below, I have compiled some of the nicest kneeling benches for you and your loved ones. They can be great gifts for your family members (especially your grandma) and your girlfriends. If you do gardening, you deserve one of these too. Check them out to see their unique features and benefits.


Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat with Bonus Tool Pouch

Thick Cushion to Minimize Pain

Since this garden kneeling bench has a thick cushion, older people and those with “bad knees” can use the kneeler with ease for long hours. Its comfortable design allows users to easily stand and sit from a kneeling position. Sitting will be a very comfortable experience too since the kneeling pad also serves as a seat cushion.

Sturdy and Unfolds Easily

When using this garden kneeler, simply unfold it until the arms lock in place. If you’re wondering whether you can stand on this kneeling bench to reach for some of the fruits hanging in your tree – yes you can. It’s sturdy. But I suggest that grandma won’t use this as a stool for safety reasons.

You can easily turn it upside down to weed your lawn or use the seat to admire your garden. Even if your lawn does not have an even and flat surface, you won’t lose balance when using this kneeling bench.

Allows You to Store Some of Your Small Garden Essentials

What I like about this kneeling bench is that it comes with a free garden tool pouch where you can keep some of your small garden accessories. I am thinking that this pouch can be a safe place to carry your garden seeds while planting.

More Product Details

  • Made of plastic, steel pipe and EVA
  • Weight capacity: 150kg
  • Product Weight: 6.5 pounds
  • Length: 23.63 inches
  • Height: about 17 inches
  • Origin: China
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Gardman R617 Fold Away Garden Kneeler and Seat

Makes a Lovely Gift for Women

This kneeling bench by Gardman is definitely beautiful. It is a combination of colors pink and orange. I think anyone who gets this as a present can’t help but admire its look. If you want the lavender and blue combination, Garman offers that one too.

Durable, Long Handles and Comfortable Foam

The seat/kneeler is made of EVA foam that absorbs shock and offers extra cushion for your knees and buttocks. EVA foam is the material of choice used in making neck collars, sports mats and wedge soles. You can rely on this foam to ensure you won’t feel discomfort while gardening for hours.

The handles of this kneeling bench are sturdy and long. They measure 19 inches in height, making them slightly taller than the Ohuhu garden kneeler. When helping yourself up to a sitting or standing position, hold on to the side handles while pushing downwards.

Lightweight and Easy to Store

When carrying this kneeling bench home, you won’t have any trouble with its weight. This one only weighs about 5.8 pounds. Simply fold this Gardman kneeling bench when not in use. It won’t take much space.

More Product Details

  • Length: 22 inches
  • Made of lightweight tubular steel with strong powder coat finish.
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Yardsworks Garden Lawn Yard Easy Kneeler Seat Bench with Tool Storage & Cushion Knee Pad

A 3-in-One Kneeling Bench

This kneeling bench offers much convenience and is truly unique. Aside from its kneeler and seat bench, it has a storage compartment that’s lockable. You can store in there the tools needed for the day – garden scissors, pruners, and more.

Comfortable Kneeler

This kneeling bench by Yardsworks has a 1/2 inch kneeling foam that prevents your knees from feeling pain and discomfort when you plant or weed all day.

Carrying Capacity and Durability

It doesn’t matter whether you’re extra large or small – this kneeling bench can carry up to 225 pounds. It is made of strong plastic which makes it weather-resistant.


After your long day of gardening, you can carry it back home with ease. This tool is very handy and weighs only 2.5 pounds. It comes with built-in carrying handles too.

More Product Details

  • Length: 23 inches
  • Height: 15 inches
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Midwest – Mother’s Day Kneeler Bench Garden Combo, P53P03

The Perfect Present for Mothers

This kneeling bench by Midwest has a nice green color that mothers would truly love. It features a comfortable pad for the knees and buttocks. What makes this kneeler bench more delightful is that it comes with a free lovely tote bag and a striped garden waist apron.

Durable and Able to Support Heavy Weight

Except from its kneeling/sitting pad, the rest of this kneeling bench is made of durable steel that resists breakage. It can carry heavy weight – up to 250 pounds maximum.

Fast and Easy Storage

After using this kneeling bench, simply fold it. This one does not consume a lot of space so you can keep it anywhere you want.

More Product Details

  • Weight: 7.2 pounds
  • Height: 11 inches
  • Length: 22.5 inches
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Garden Rocker Comfort Kneeler Bench By Vertex

Reduces Strain on the Knees, Back, and Neck

Unlike other models, this Vertex kneeling bench features a rocking foot that prevents strain when kneeling while reaching for your garden tools or plants. It also comes with thick handles that help you push yourself and stand up from a kneeling position.

Comfortable to the Knees and Buttocks

It comes with 2 soft foam pads for the knees and buttocks to ensure comfort even when kneeling and sitting.

Easy to Assemble, Supports Heavy Weight

This kneeling bench has only 2 screws so you can assemble it easily. It can support weight of up to 220 pounds which means that it’s durable enough to handle persons of any size.

More Product Details

  • Weight: 6.4 pounds
  • Origin: USA
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If you want to have more than than just a kneeling bench, your best choices would be the Ohuhu kneeling bench with tool pouch, the Yardsworks with tool storage, and the Midwest for mothers with a free tote bag and garden apron.

Choosing a kneeling bench for gardening shouldn’t be difficult. Generally, all kneeling benches have comfortable cushions as their main feature. The difference lies in their added functionalities, carrying capacity, dimensions and weight. If you would like to look at a review I did of the best kneeling pads with handles, you can see it here.

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