Best Gloves For Pulling Weeds

Reviews of the Best Gloves For Pulling Weeds

best gloves for pulling weeds

Weeding all day long is definitely a struggle – especially if you do it with your hands. Weed pulling is an old practice but it remains to be effective. Sometimes you just wish you had the strength to hand-pull all those pesky plants in less than an hour. If you don’t have a string trimmer or a weeder, you have to stick to manual weed pulling.

A useful tip for you to do the job faster and better is to pick the best time for weeding. Weeding is ideally done when the soil is wet. This happens after it has rained. A wet soil helps you pull out the weeds easier. You don’t want to cause strain on your back.

So what do you need to pull weeds? You need a good and sturdy kneeling bench, a bottle of water (to quench your thirst), and the best gloves for pulling weeds. Gloves are the most important things you can have for this job. They protect your hands from sharp objects like rocks and keep them clean at the same time.

Below are some of the best gloves for pulling weeds. If you’re not weeding, you can also use these for your other gardening tasks.

Thorn Proof Gloves for Pruning Rose Garden and Prickly Plants by Parva Garden

Provides Maximum Protection for Men and Women

You’ll love these gloves for their extra long cuffs that safeguard your hands and arms from sharp objects and thorns while you weed. The cuffs are made from canvas material while the hands are made from soft leather. This medium sized pair is perfect for adult men and women.

Gardeners who pull out weeds between roses and gather roses that are too close together find these gloves very useful.


If you are not using these gloves for weeding, you can wear it when doing other light and heavy-duty gardening chores such as pruning branches, transferring rocks (in landscaping), and digging.

Easy to Find

The gloves are bright yellow in color, making them very easy to find in case they get covered in a pile of grass.

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Premium Leather Gardening Gloves for Women (Medium) by Zeemplify

Heavy Duty Gloves for the Fashionable Gardener

Zeemplify has designed a pair of gloves that’s made of goatskin leather to protect your skin from sharp plant material as you pull out weeds (and do other gardening tasks). This leather material is known to be extremely durable and puncture-resistant.

I love its combination of colors which are blue and white. It has white floral shapes which make the gloves more attractive. Take note that this pair is for women with large hands.

Helps You Work With Ease

These gloves are really flexible. You can pull out dandelions and thistles using only minimal effort. Keeping your hands clean, the gloves also extend slightly above your wrists.

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Magid TE196T-M Terra Collection Thorn Gardening Gloves – Womens Medium

Keeps Your Hands Safe, Helps You Pull Out Weeds Easier

The Magid gloves is ideally designed for women who have either thin or thick hands. The fingers and palms are coated with rubber, helping you take out those tough weeds with less effort. The rubber coating also protects your hands from any injury in case you pull out thorns and work with raspberries.

Many gardeners have chosen this pair of gloves because they were able to handle cactus thorns and move landscaping rocks without hurting their hands.

Comfortable and Clean All Day

To prevent your hands from getting too sweaty, each Magid glove features a cotton knit shell. I like that this pair has keeps your hands totally clean since each glove has a longer knitted cloth that covers your entire wrist and extends slightly above it.

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Tierra Garden 53-B1042 Briers Seed and Weed Gardening Gloves, Medium, Bright Lavender

Nice and Durable Pair of Gloves

These bright lavender-colored gloves by Tierra Garden are coated with durable nitrile rubber. The nitrile coating protects the gloves from tearing and punctures. It also helps you get a firm hold on those stubborn weeds so you can easily pull them. The gloves also extend beyond your wrists to ensure that all of your hands stay clean and free from accidental scratches.

Light and Flexible

Like the Magid gardening gloves, the Tierra gloves are extremely light, weighing only 2.4 ounces. These gloves feel like second skin, allowing you to always feel comfortable.

For People Sensitive to Latex

Since the Tierra Garden gloves are made of nitrile rubber that’s similar to natural rubber, they do not contain latex ingredients. This makes these gloves best suited for people who are allergic to latex-based products.

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Garden Gloves (2 pairs) for Women & Men – Protective & Breathable Garden & Work Gloves

Offers Protection for Men and Women

These gloves by GardenTree come in 2 pairs. Like the Tierra Garden gloves, these ones are also coated with nitrile rubber to protect your entire hands from getting scratches. You need total protection while pulling out those weeds near plants with thorns.

Aside from using it for weeding, you can also have these gloves for other gardening tasks like harvesting, digging, and trimming.

Flexible and Washable

Keep these clean after a long day of weeding by washing it with soap and water. It can be re-used to tackle those weeds again once they start to grow. The gloves are also very flexible, helping you properly hold the weeds and other gardening tools.

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My best pick is the thorn-proof gloves by Parva Garden. I find the extra long cuffs extremely useful for heavy duty work. Not only can it protect your hands, but also your arms. This is extremely necessary if you have to deal with a lot of weeds in your yard which surround bushes and thorns.

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